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William J. Roess, LEED AP O+M

Technical Assurance, Inc.

Liam Flannery
Director of National Sales

Will is a management and corporate development professional with thirty-eight years of strategic/development planning, marketing, finance and consulting experience in various industries. His background includes project/ program leadership and relationship development relative to multi-national clients with administrative control at all levels.


Will is the Senior Officer-in-Charge of Technical Assurance and is responsible to integrate all elements of the business, including service delivery for clients. In addition, Will maintains LEED professional accreditation and serves as the Facility Security Officer (official Government classification) for Technical Assurance's federal programs.

Liam has been selling roofing and building materials services for over 28 years. His background shows a history of bringing programmatic solutions to customers.  Prior to joining Technical Assurance, Liam built and managed the national accounts program for one of the largest and well respected roofing contractors in the US. He established successful maintenance and re-roofing programs with Fortune 1,000 companies focusing on roofing and building envelope operations.


Liam has held leadership positions with  leading roofing material manufacturers and a supplier that represented major roofing products; he is also a member of the Technical assurance Leadership Group.

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The Building Performance Symposium is for professionals that are passionate about the built environment and share a commitment to creating exceptional and sustainable buildings.


This unique learning event is designed for industry peers to connect through knowledge sharing and to inspire each other to think differently about the buildings they construct, manage and own. 

Attendees include: 

  • Facility Managers

  • Building Owners

  • Property Managers

  • Engineers

  • AIA Members

  • USGBC Members

Building Performance Symposium

December 12, 2017

11:00 am - noon (EST)



Administrative/Financial Leaders

are from Mars &

Facilities Teams are from Pluto

Learning Objectives

AIA CEU Approved: 1 LU

Mars and Pluto are millions of miles apart. And, often times, corporate/institutional leadership and facilities management seem that far apart, as well. This program has been created for corporate/administrative leadership along with facilities management. It is designed to bridge the gap between financial capital stewardship and building program management, while using the concept of total cost of ownership as a common denominator. 

The program explains the differences between strategic planning and facilities maintenance master planning while introducing the framework for a Comprehensive Asset Management program for existing buildings.


Ultimately, the efficiencies that are created not only will pay for the program planning and implementation, they also tie back into the organizations’ financial management as a potential source of ancillary programmatic funding; ultimately serving a common language to bring Mars and Pluto a little closer together. 

This session features solutions to problems experienced regularly with owners managing their building assets; that being a disconnect between the respective worlds of corporate/institutional leadership and facilities managers. 

Beginning with an explanation of the differences between strategic planning and facilities operations planning, the program session progresses to hybrid approach to planning which is referred to as "Preventative Maintenance Master Planning." Building life-cycle assessment/analysis methodology is explored to determine "Total Cost of Ownership" demonstrating that extending building assets life-cycle to ultimately reduce the Total Cost of Ownership can be a programmatic approach to comprehensive asset management serving as the denominator for the bridging of the management disconnect. The session concludes with participant exposure to the latest GIS/Facilities database technology for practical application and tangible measurement of capital dollar savings/ROI.

Bridging the Divide Through Strategic Stewardship

Learn a practical approach to developing a preventative maintenance master plan
Understand the differences between strategic planning & maintenance master planning
Learn the framework for a comprehensive asset management program for existing buildings
Understand how to integrate real-time building system life cycle management, automated workflows, financial forecasting, capital planning and relational database reporting

Strategic Stewardship eBook

Get a head start learning how to bridge the divide between your financial leadership and facilities management teams with our eBook.

The eBook will provide you with an overview of what will be covered in December's webinar.

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